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Dodgers Game 7, Here We Go!

SANTA YNEZ, CA ---- The Dodgers' victory over the Astros last night transformed Halloween from a nightmare to a dream for fans in the SY Valley. During the festivities on Sagunto Street, The RLC displayed a large T.V. & seating arrangement out front for all the Dodgers' Fans attending the family event. The turn out was awesome! And although it was a torturous game to watch for the first 5 1/2 innings, the Dodgers finally pulled through at the bottom of the 6th inning! At one point we had a crowd of people huddled around the telly to witness the Dodgers locking in their position to Game 7. It was awesome how we brought Dodgers' fans together last night, and the RLC will absolutely host similar settings as last night for future sports events. We are looking forward to Game 7 tonight, and hopefully (fingers crossed) we can update our Dodgers' Wall, World Series Titles to add the year 2017, since 1988! #GoDodgers #LADodgers #ThinkBlue #WorldSeries2017 #Game7

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