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Expanding on Music Education within the community of Santa Ynez Valley

Let me start by saying that I am both thrilled and honored to take on the role as Music Instructor at the recently established, Ranch Learning Center. I feel as if I am pioneering a new frontier in the community of Santa Ynez Valley. From my personal perspective as far as the local music scene goes, it is somewhat limited to residential or featured artists traveling through the area, performing at the Restaurant & Winery circuit or your average cover-band playing at the local bar/saloon . I began to think, where are the provided resources in this area for the next generation's ability to flourish in music? (aka a thriving music scene) I grew up in the Los Angeles area, and I took full advantage of the vast music scene, industry, network and educational opportunities down there. It is my goal to pave a path here in Santa Ynez, for both kids & adults to be exposed to a similar musical upbringing that I grew up with; and what better place to accomplish this than right here at the Ranch Learning Center? So far, it's been a slow and steady process, which is to be expected in a more rural area. But as it catches on to the community, I have set out goals correlated to it's expansion such as a recording studio, turning the front Shared Workspace of the RLC into a weekly or bi-monthly venue, where we can host a plethora of performances, concerts, recitals, and jam-sessions... How cool would that be? Well, I'm very excited to witness this music program blossom into something amazing, and am eagerly curious as to the community's response!

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